Learn my 5 KEYS proven to create balance and order in all areas of your life from work to home.


Learn how to cure and prevent burn-out.  


Learn how to make YOU a priority for greater fulfillment, joy, peace of mind, and more successful relationships.


“I'd come to a place where I was frustrated at the unseen limitations in my life. I progressed in self-awareness and moving my goals forward, but there was something missing. Where I stood seemed far off from the realization of my dreams, one of the main ones being a life partner.  With each coaching session, Diazina shined light on the truth needed to attain my heart's deepest desire.   One of her gifts to the world is this safe space she creates which allows for an exploration into you that gets to the root cause of the block or barrier that has you stuck.  Her way is gentle, humble and powerful.  Because she uses a holistic approach, she understands the linkages and dependencies of the spirit, the soul/emotions, the mind, and the physical world/actions.  At the end of my work with her, I felt fully alive and whole with a confidence and an experience that what I desire is possible for me.  It was one of the best investments I have made.  I guarantee that it will transform you in a noticeable way if you choose to do the same."

Dr. Cherise Scott, New York, USA

Diazina Mobley, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Counselor | Holistic Coach

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